Cybody Type


Star Driver Pilot

Kanako Watanabe


Adult Bank

Hidden Cybody Number



Heavily Damaged

Star Sword(s)


Episode Appearance

12. A Kiss Through The Glass

25. Our Apprivoiser

Betreida is the 2nd Cybody hidden on the Southern Cross Island. It is piloted by Kanako Watanabe known in the Glittering Crux Brigade as President.




Betreida is an overall yellow, orange and brown Cybody with a lion-shaped head, large paw-like fists and a tail- like protrusion from it's rear end. These characteristics give Betreida a mixed theme between a boxer and a lion.

Part in the storyEdit

A Kiss Through The GlassEdit

Betreida appears to face Tauburn in combat. A giant boxing arena with energy ropes appears around then and Kanako wastes no time charging at Tauburn and landing a massive punch past it's defence throwing it into the energy ropes causing further damage. She continues a brutal assault pummeling Tauburn left and right and finishes by landing an uppercut that appears to knock Tauburn down. However Tauburn manages to get up and Kanako goes for a kill move extending a set of claws from Betreida's fists but Tauburn uses a new move the Pile Crusher to block the claws and throw Betraida into the air. Tauburn charges a great deal of energy and fires it, piercing Betreida and destroying it.

Our Apprivoiser Edit

Betreida was revived by Samekh under Reiji's control and overpowered Tauburn. However, Kanako regained her cybody mark to pilot Betreida again and saved Takuto destorying the revived Heigent. Betreida along with revived cybodies recovered by the original pilots are easily defeated by Samekh's King's Pillar.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Betreida is a "King" cybody and is thus very powerful, and is particularly suited for combat. As a result, Betreida's destructive force is considerable. Much like, or perhaps because of, it's Driver Kanako, it's fighting style revolves around boxing where it can use it's large fists, considerable speed and great strength to pummel an opponent.

Boxing ArenaEdit

Boxing Arena

Betreida and Tauburn Boxing Arena

Befitting to it's fighting style, Betreida can create a giant size "boxing" arena where the ropes are made of explosive energy. By combining this with it's pugilism abilities Betreida can overwhelm an opponent between it's powerful punches and keeping him trapped in the ropes for constant damage.

First phaseEdit

Healing: While not fully shown in the series, it's implied that Betreida's first phase grants it's Driver the ability to heal other people to an unknown extent, as Kanako used this to save Simone from the damage she sustained from a car accident.

Attacks and WeaponsEdit

Betreida Claws
Betreida can extend a set of long, curved claws from each of it's large paw-like fists.