Ginta Ryo
Ginta Ryo


Ginta Ryo





Voice Actor

Ryohei Kimura



Glittering Crux Division

Vanishing Age


Camel Star



Star Sword


Episode Appearance

10. And Marino's First Love


Ginta's mark "gimel"

lso known as Camel Star, a member of the Glittering Crux Brigade's second section Vanishing Age, and the Star Driver of the Cybody Gimelock. He is very devious in his methods, using his his first phase which is possessing animals to poison Takuto before entering Zero time.



Ginta in Vanishing age attire

Ginta is shown to have a tall and slim build. He is shown to have long blonde hair, yellow eyes and wears glasses when in his usual attire. When doing normal activitis Ginta is shown to wear a purple shirt with white pants as well as a necklace. When in his vanishing age attire he wears a black and red jumpsuit, brown fuzzed boots and gloves as well as a sleeveless vanishing age jacket.


Ginta is shown to be a sly and sneaky person. An oddly calculating member of Vanishing Age, he is very reluctant with his decisions and actions. His reticence makes him appear slightly cowardly, especially when compared to the other members of Vanishing Age, excluding Head. This side of him is first shown when Head reveals that Ryou intentionally lost the dart games because he was hesitant to risk losing to Tauburn. Not only did he fear the risks that come with regenerating a cybody; he also wanted to retain his cybody so that when the time comes for Vanishing Age to enter fifth phase, he would be able to apprivoise his cybody and be completely safe from any nuclear warfare that may occur against the island and its occupants. His moral code also seems highly suspect as he had no problem poisoning Takuto outside of zero time in order to gain an upper hand against him in his match. This underhanded act, coupled with his repeated quips and schemes to undermine Head, show that Ginta is chiefly concerned with himself and can be considered a somewhat selfish person.


Nothing is shown about Ginta's hitory as of yet.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Not much has been shown of Ginta's skills other than the fact that he is good at darts. His first phase allows him to possess animals, and he uses this to his advantage in espionage and spying activities. It is normally shown, however, that the people he tries to spy on eventually become aware of his presence. Ginta appears to have strong deduction skills as he was able to deduce Ivrogne was not only Keito, but also the East Maiden. He also seems to have a capacity for non-linear thinking and planning; he was able to figure out the reason why Head was prolonging the Crux's entrance into the fourth phase, eventually planning to break the seal on Zero Time himself without anyone's approval.