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Star Driver Pilot

Mami Yano



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Star Sword(s)


Episode Appearance

07. The Faraway World

25. Our Apprivoiser

Kaphrat is the 11th Cybody hidden in the Southern Cross Island is piloted by Mami Yano know in the Glittering Crux Brigade as Undine.




Kaphrat has a slender, overall mermaid/aquatic-like appearance which is teal coloured, the basic golden Cybody joints and spikes extending from its head that give the appearance of hair . It can also take a full mermaid-like appearance when it activates it's ability to "swim" in Zero Time.

Part in the storyEdit

The Faraway WorldEdit

Kaphrat is apprivoised by Yano to face Takuto for the first time in Cybody combat. Takuto apprivoises Tauburn and Kaphrat attacks launching energy shots from it's hands that transform into the dolls that Yano uses as her first phase making Takuto realize that she was the one who attacked them last night and caused Sugata's coma. Yano activates Kaphrat's ability and assumes a full mermaid-like form diving into the ground and swimming at high speeds while maintaining the attack on Tauburn who tries to destroy it with the Tau Galaxy Beam but Kaphrat speed is too great. It continues it launches another volley of shots but one goes astray and destroys the protective orb which held the comatose Sugata causing him to fall. Tauburn jumps to the rescue and catches Sugata with one of his hands where he wakes up from the coma. Trying to take advantage from the distraction Kaphrat jumps from behind and assumes a harpoon form, but Tauburn quickly draws Saphir and slices Kaphrat in two, destroying it. 

Our Apprivoiser Edit

Kaphrat was revived by Samekh under Reigi's control as part of Samekh's army to finish off Tauburn however, the enraged Takuto easily slice the revived Kaphrat in half with Tauburn's Saphir star sword destroying Samekh's first controlled cybody.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

As one of the "Warrior" type Cybodies Kaphrat is proficient in combat and likely possesses great destructive power.

Mermaid formEdit

A unique ability of this Cybody is the capability to assume a mermaid-like form allowing to "swim" inside the Zero Time at extremely fast speeds.

First PhaseEdit

Mermaidoll: A first phase that allows it's Driver to create a female humanoid creature, a "doll" of sorts. These can be created in large numbers, possess superhuman strength and speed and can launch themselves as energy projectiles. The "dolls" also possess enhanced endurance capable of being hit by a large tree trunk without taking any damage and being barely phased. However this ability is difficult to control and strainful to the Driver causing the "dolls" to go berserk at times.

Attacks and WeaponsEdit

Dolls Kaphrat

The dolls used by the Cybody Kaphrat

Dolls: Kaphrat can fire the dolls used as his first phase as high-speed energy shots that can guide themselves and strike an opponent repeatedly.
Kaphrath Harpoon

Kaphrat's harpoon form

Harpoon form: Kaphrat can assume a harpoon-like form capable of moving with extreme speed and force to strike it's opponent.