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The Midnight Flight Club is the name given to the Southern Cross High drama club. Despite having few main members, the club is shown to be very popular due to Wako and Sugata, to the point where they must set high standards for a person to join. It is shown that the principal is the club advisor. Despite not bearing marks, members such as Sarina, Tiger and Jaguar are aware of cybodies. The club's room is located in the old school building near the science room.


Members consist of :

Sarina Endo - President

Vice President

Takuto Tsunashi - Actor

Sugata Shindo - Actor

Wako Agemaki - Actor

Tiger Sugatame - Actor

Jaguar Yamasugata - Actor

Mizuno You - Temporary Member

Kenzou Usui - Advisor


Eve of LegendEdit

A boy named Mark meets a mysterious girl who tells him the story of Kleis a cursed girl who could not be seen or touched by anyone, a boy Columner who could see Kleis but was unable to touch her and a magical flying ship.

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