A phase is the level of control a Star Driver has over their Cybody whether it be within or outside Zero Time. There are only five phases with the fifth being the Glittering Crux Brigade's ultimate goal.


First PhaseEdit

This is the initial level of control a Star Driver with an artificial or actual mark has over a Cybody. The unique characteristic of first phase is it can be used outside of Zero Time and varies from person to person. First phases can be simple or complex abilities depending on the person's Cybody; ranging from effects like mind control, limited telekinesis, illusion creation, healing, possession or stopping a person from physically aging.

Second PhaseEdit

This phase is activated by breaking one of the Maiden's seals. When second phase is activated all Cybodies gain a golden mask allowing them to be controlled from a remote device like Cybercaskets. In this phase Cybody movement is more stiff due to the fact it's being controlled through a machine and the Cybody's powers are more limited.

Third PhaseEdit

This phase occurs when two of the Maidens' seals are destroyed. When in this phase only Drivers with actual marks can control Cybodies and all Cybodies activated gain an orb in their chest from which the Driver controls them from. At this phase the connection between the Driver and its Cybody reaches its natural peak and the Cybody can be used to its full potential. (At this point the Driver then assumes the title of Galactic Pretty Boy). The biggest flaw with this phase, however, is that it puts the Driver's life in danger as if the orb in the Cybody's chest were to be attacked or if the Cybody is destroyed, the Driver inside would likely be killed.

Fourth PhaseEdit

Unlike the previous phases, which increases the connection between Driver and Cybody, this phase only enthrals the release of the Cybody King Samekh. Head however (In order to delay the Crux plans of phase advancement to obtain Sinpathy) stated that the fourth phase caused the Driver and Cybody to become further connected, giving the Driver god-like power, but leaving him stranded in Zero Time if his Cybody were destroyed.

Fifth PhaseEdit

This is the final and ultimate stage. This stage can only happen when all of the Maidens' seals are broken. When this happens all of Zero Time is broken and Cybodies can move freely in real time and space.

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