Star Swords are powerful weapons utilized by Cybodies. They appear to be composed of glowing energy which utilize the libido of the user to determine how powerful they are. They consist of many colors which correspond with the name and gem they are named after and they are simple in shape. There are twelve Star Swords known in existence.


Divine Snowstorm
- An attack where Tzadikt uses Amethyst and stabs in such a manner so that the opponent cannot escape.
Galactic Cross Slash
- An attack where Tauburn uses Emeraude and Saphir and slashes the opponent, making an X-shaped cut.
Feint attack
- An attack where Peshent uses Rubis and performs a faint attack, disappearing at the last second and reappearing behind its foe to strike it down.
Final form
- An attack where Tauburn combines his two Star Swords to make a giant white double-end javelin.


  • Tauburn is the only Cybody that naturarly possess two Star Swords, Emeraude and Saphir, neither of which are owned by Adult Bank. However a Driver with two different marks can use their respective Star Swords at the same time as shown by Reiji Miyabi who possess the Star Swords Diamant and Turqouise from Reshbal and Sinpathy.
  • Despite Kanako saying that there may be twelve star swords only eleven have been shown.
  • According to the creators of Star Driver all of the star swords were once Samekh's wings and all of the warrior cybodies took them to help seal him off.

Star SwordsEdit

Star Swords are weapons used by Cybodies to fight. There were once believed to be eleven in all however it is later shown that there are twelve, with the twelfth being Saphir. Star Swords take on various colours and are often named after the colour and gem the colour symbolizes, an example of this is Emeraude which is derived from "Emerald" which is a green gem. Star Swords are fueled by the Driver's libido or can be boosted by other Drivers' power. For example, Sugata using his King's Pillar to boost Takuto's Star Swords. Despite being almost always used in Cybody combat, the Star Swords apparently can also be used outside Zero Time much like a Driver's first phase and can either be used in their regular size or the size of a normal sword. The Star Swords shown thus far are:

Sword Star Amethyst


- Wielded by the Cybody


- Purple in colour.

- Takes a katana like appearance.

Star Sword Diamond 1


- Wielded by the Cybody Reshbal.

- White in colour.



- Wielded by the Cybody Tauburn.

- Green in colour.



- Wielded by the Cybody Zayinas.

- Orange in colour.

- Takes lance like appearance.



- Wielded by the Cybody Heigent.

- Pink in colour



- Wielded by the Cybody Tauburn.

- Blue in colour.

Star Sword Sardonyx
Lance Sardonyx


- Wielded by the Cybody Lamedhos.

- Yellow in colour.

- Larger than normal Star Swords.

- Can be used to make a spear point.

Peshent Star Sword Ruby


- Wielded by the Cybody Peshent.

- Red in colour.

- Takes katana like appearance.

Star Sword Opale


- Wielded by the Cybody


- Red in color

Star Sword Turquoise


- Wielded by the Cybody


- Light-blue in color

Star Sword Corail 1


- 'Wielded by the Cybody


- Red in color

- Takes Scimitar like appearance..

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