Each of the Marks Correlates to a tarot card, the reading of which often reflects the personality of the bearer of that mark.

ת tau 0 The Fool Takuto Tsunashi Innocence , unrealized potential
א aleph I The Magician George    Honda Mastery, self-confidence
ב beth II The High Priestess Kanako Watanabe Mysteries, hidden meanings
ג gimel III The Empress Ginta         Ryo Fertility, creativity
ד dalet IV The Emperor Simone Aragon

Authority, leadership
ה he V The Hierophant Madoka      Kei Dogma, bonded to conventions of society
ו waw VI The Lovers Wako Agemaki

Love, choices influenced by love
ז zayin VII The Chariot Takeo   Takumi Success, conquest, achievement.(May indicate travel over land.)
ח heth VIII Strength Keito        Nichi Strength of character, bravery facing incredible odds, resolve
ט teth IX The Hermit Tetsuya   Goda Spiritual guidance, choosing a solitary path, finding a teacher
י yodh X The Wheel of Fortune Midori Okamoto Completion of a cycle, luck, easy come-easy go
כך kaph XI Justice Mami       Yano Fair conclusion of matter, successful legal dealings
ל lamedh XII The Hanged Man Tsukihiko   Bou Pausing to contemplate or meditate, acceptance of one's situation, sacrifice for a higher good
מם mem XIII Death Mizuno      You Rebirth, transformation, matter concluded that teaches a lesson.
נן nun XIV Temperance Kitano       Miko Moderation, blending of opposites.
ס samekh XV The Devil Sugata   Shindo Bound to a particular idea, obsession, manipulation of others.
ע ayin XVI The Tower Marino       You Sudden and drastic changes in one's life. Disruptions leading to personal transformation
פף pe XVII The Star Benio   Shinada Inspiration, understanding, hope,.courage.
צץ sade XVIII The Moon Takashi      Dai Imagination, intuition, dreams. Uncovering what is in the unconscious.
ק qoph XIX The Sun Kou          Atari

Success,optimism, bright outlook.Material happiness, a good marriage, or birth of a gifted child.
ר resh XX Judgement

Reiji Miyabi +

Ryousuke Katashiro

Awakening, often of a spiritual nature. Change of position in life or outlook.
ש sin XXI The World Shingo Makiba + Reiji Miyabi Success in undertakings, matter of concern is universal.
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