Tauburn Upgrade 2



Cybody Type


Star Driver Pilot

Takuto Tsunashi

Hidden Cybody Number



Heavily Damaged

Star Sword(s)

Two (Emeraude) and (Saphir)

Episode Appearance

01. Galactic Pretty Boy

Tauburn is the hidden 22nd Cybody of Southern Cross Isle, and is the Cybody piloted by Takuto Tsunashi.



Original Tauburn


New Tauburn

Tauburn Compartment

New Tauburn in the movie

Tauburn's appearance resembles a Italian Renaissance gentleman wearing a masquerade mask, a feathered hat and heeled shoes. Tauburn's color scheme is mainly red, white and gold but with blue for the orb in Tauburn's chest from which Takuto pilots his respective Cybody. Tauburn also has a set of Piles on it's lower back which could possibly resemble the loose tail of a jacket. In episode 16, Tauburn's appearance undergoes some minor changes; the orb in the middle takes a red colour, the spherical Cybody joints turn white, the solid red colour on Tauburn's chest becomes white with red stripes, the masquerade mask gains a long spike under each eye, the hat becomes a bit wider, the shoulder armor gains a more V-like shape, Tauburn's shoes acquire spikes and the two outer Piles are elongated.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Overall Tauburn is shown to be an extremely powerful "Warrior" type Cybody with a large arsenal of special moves and a versatile fighting style. Due to it being in third phase, it is able to move much smoother than most Cybodies. This allows Tauburn to dodge and counter attacks more effectively. Tauburn is also shown to have incredible strength, being able to stop a punch from George Honda's Alephist and even breaking into Zero Time. When it comes to fighting, Tauburn is also seen to be very adept, even showing the skill of dual wielding. It also possesses four floating metal pieces located behind called "Piles" which Takuto can utilize in a variety of ways depending on the circumstances.

Second FormEdit

During his fight against Reshbal, Tauburn attained a new form with
PUNCH Star Driver - 16 HD-17-02-35-

Tauburn's new appearance.

large aesthetic design changes. In this new form Tauburn gains a power boost allowing it to easily defeat Reshbal and several of the Crux's advanced third phase Cybodies in later fights, hold it's own in a battle against three Cybodies at the same time and even destroy the King Cybody Samekh (though Samekh was at less than full power) despite sustaining crippling damage. This new form and the power boost that accompanies it was present every time Takuto apprivoised after the battle with Reshbal.

Third FormEdit

Tauburn Compartment-Face

Tauburn's new appearance in the movie.

In the movie Tauburn acquires a new form through an unknown method. It is so powerful that it was able to take on Heigent , Qophlite , Zayinas , Gimelock and Lamedhos that were even freed from Zero Time in only several minutes. It has some sort of shield implement on its shoulders and gold trim around its arms and legs. It has five Piles including the shields in its shoulders, there are three piles in its rear waist, one of them twice larger than the rest. The "tongue" of the "boots" of Tauburn is now x-shaped. The biggest thing about it is the wide open core compartment in its chest which has its parts made to resemble the mark of Tauburn. The color of the orb in the chest of Tauburn is now green. The spikes in its masquerade mask becomes even longer, reaching all the way to its feather.

Attacks and WeaponsEdit


Tau Galaxy Beam

Tauburn about to release
the Tau Galaxy Beam

The Tau Galaxy Beam is a ranged attack used by Tauburn to hit long distance or fast moving opponents easily. During this attack Tauburn's joints emanate a galaxy shaped form of energy which is then followed by Tauburn releasing a powerful blue beam from the blue orb within it's chest.
Galactic Cross Slash
Galactic Cross Slash 3
Galactic Cross Slash 2

Galactic Cross Slash

Tauburn uses Emeraude and Saphir in conjunction and slashes through the opponent, making an X-shaped cut. Arguably one of his most powerful moves, and one of it's most frequently used, it has almost always resulted in defeating the opponent.
Pile Crusher

Pile Crusher

Tauburn uses the four Piles on his back to form around its right hand. They connect, form, and spin like a drill without a pointed end with multiple uses. Pile Crusher is possible by charging it up and then releasing it in a powerful medium-ranged blast.
Tau Missile
Tau Missile

Tau Missile

Takuto and Tauburn gather the radiance of the galaxy within their bodies. Tauburn then disappears as he fires Takuto out of his orb sending him flying like a missile. Takuto is shot through the opponent cybody's orb and eventually turns back into Tauburn with the opponent's orb in his hand, the opponent safe within the orb and the cybody destroyed. In one battle by utilizing Sugata (and therefore Samekh's power) Tauburn could use a significantly stronger version of the Tau Missile called the Eccentric Tau Missile which acted similarly to the normal variety but with greater control over direction and much more powerful; so much that Sugata could strike and destroy three Cybodies in a row.


Star Swords

Tauburn and Emeraude



Tauburn, unlike other Cybodies uses two Star Swords, the being Emeraude and Saphir. Tauburn can use the Star Swords to slash his opponents or even throw them if needed.
PUNCH Star Driver - 19 HD-18-17-52-

Tauburn using the Pile Jet

Piles are a set of four metal pieces floating behind Tauburn. Tauburn can remotely control the piles allowing them to move around freely. Piles have lasers in them allowing Tauburn to shoot at enemies or multiple objects. They can also release energy around themselves to form attacks like the Pile Crusher. After Tauburn's transformation the Piles can now be used to form the Pile Jet which enables Takuto with high speed flight capabilities. Reshbal has also demonstrated that the Piles can possibly be used to make a shield. If the Piles are destroyed durng battle they do not appear behind Tauburn again during the same battle.


  • According to Vice President, Tauburn is a cybody especially made for humans.
  • Tauburn is the only Cybody that doesn't just appear in Zero Time. He always 'breaks' though and enters Zero Time. This could possibly mean that he exists in a space besides Zero Time.
  • Despite cybodies being statues when outside of Zero Time, Tauburn's statue has never been seen. However, it's possible that the Tau Rock, the giant hand statue that Takuto and Wako were transported to after the first time they were taken to Zero Time, is part of Tauburn's statue.
  • Unlike other cybodies that wear golden masks that extend to their mouth, the one Tauburn wears only covers his eyes.
  • The extent of Tauburn's power is unknown.
  • Tauburn is the most human like cybody.
  • Tauburn is the first cybody to be in third phase. How Tauburn skipped the first two phases is unknown.
  • Tauburn's first phase ability is unknown; at least in an obvious sense. 
  • It's possible that Tauburn's first phase is being a phase higher than the rest of the Cybodies. It as shown that when the Cybodies were in the their second phase, Tauburn was in his third phase. When the Cybodies were advanced to the third phase, Tauburn was still able to over power the Cybodies (with the help of Wako and Sugata), but can be viewed that Tauburn achieved the fourth phase at the time. Another reason to support this idea is that the fourth phase traps Cybodies and drivers within Zero Time. If the Cybodies are in their fourth phase, Tauburn would have gained the fifth phase. This meant that Takuto would no longer be in Zero Time, and he could find the Cybody statues in the real world and destroy them with Tauburn. As seen with Ayingott, if the statue is damaged, so is the Cybody. This could translate into when the statue is destroyed, so is the respective Cybody. This is a possible reason why Reiji wanted to nulify the Eastern and Southern Maiden seals simultaneously.
  • Taburn shares a similiar colour scheme to the Type 0 Nirvash from one of Bones earlier works, Eureka 7.
  • Tauburn's appearance is similar to Reshbal, such as the 'feather' on top of both of their heads, as well as the shapes of both their shoulders, torso, legs and feet.
  • According to Igarashi and Enokido, Tauburn and Reshbal are confirmed to be twins like Gimelock, Zayinas and Lamedhos are triplets. 
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