Tetrioht 3



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Star Driver Pilot

Tetsuya Gōda



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Heavily Damaged

Star Sword(s)


Episode Appearance

02. Challenge from the Glittering Crux Brigade

25. Our Apprivoiser

Tetrioht is the 9th Cybody hidden in the Southern Cross Island and is piloted by Tetsuya Gōda known in the Glittering Crux Brigade as "Speed Kid"


Tetrioht overall appearance is slender with the basic Cybody golden joints and mask and possesses large arm guards, a dark-blue color scheme with highlights of a dark pink on his jaw, chest, shoulders, arms, hips, knees and tips of his feet. His appearance highly reminiscent to that of a biker.

Part in the storyEdit

Challenge of the Glittering Crux BrigadeEdit

Tetrioht is the second opponent to face Tauburn. It wastes no time launching several green energy wheels at Tauburn, but it easily dodges then all and Tetrioht then switches to close-combat creating a pair of energy wheels in it's feet to move quickly but is unable to land a hit on Tauburn and instead receives an uppercut that appears to knock it down. However Tetrioht proves to be a more resilient foe than Alephist recovering from the attack and assuming a motorcycle-like form. Using it's extreme speed it strikes Tauburn left and right bringing it to it's knees and then Tetrioht sends another volley of energy wheels keeping Tauburn grounded. As it goes for a finish strike however, Tauburn unveils a new attack: the Tau Galaxy Beam which completely overwhelms and destroys Tetrioht.

Our Apprivoiser Edit

Tetrioht was revived by Samekh under Reigi's control to finsh off Tauburn but Tetsuya regained his cybody mark and recovered his cybody to destroy the remaining cybodies that are under Samekh's control. Tetsuya shifts his Tetrioht into bike mode charging at the revived Qophite penetrating it's abdomen destroying it. Tetrioht along with the other cybodies recovered by their original pilots are easily defeated by Samekh's King's Pillar.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Tetrioht is one of the "Warrior" type Cybody and as such possesses great destructive power. It specializes in speed and agility, moving at fast rates using a pair of green energy wheels that are generated from it's feet and can also produce them from it's hand's and launch them at an opponent.

Attacks and WeaponsEdit

Bike Mode: Tetrioht can assume a motorcycle-like form by stretching it's hands forward and his legs backwards and generating a set of large green energy wheels on either side. In this form it's speed is extreme and it can launch itself like a projectile against a foe.
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