This page is a collection of tweets made by ther production staff of the Star Driver anime.

@Joey__Jones = Koyama Shigeto, Mechanical Designer

@yoshi_u = Itou Yoshiyuki, one of the animation directors

Regaurding Ayingott
Joey__Jones I forgot to mention it in Young Gangan (seriously?), but Ayingott is one of the "King" or "Emperor" types [of Cybody].
Joey__Jones The first one is Betreida. Then the pretty much trashed Ayingott. Then Samekh of course. The last one... well, that's a secret, lol (・◡・;)
Joey__Jones Ayingott = Oh my god + Ayin ⊂(・◡・)。oO(I'm such a liar…)

Regaurding Ginta and Tsukihiko's year in school
yoshi_u @gobonsai I checked with the director, lol. Tsukihiko and Ginta are in third year, their ties are blue.

Reguarding Zayinas
Joey__Jones @hippopotamus710 Thanks (・◡・) Why can't he use [the ones] on its back... lol, I'm the designer and I don't even know. The two on its back aren't supposed to be two additional swords, I think they're included as part of [Takeo's] Star Sword.

Regaurding Sugata's Cybody
Joey__Jones By the way, the other day a certain someone came up to me and asked "Sugata is such an unfortunate boy, please give him an awesome Cybody (of his own)," lol ...I feel like I've become a father or something, lol.

Exchange Between Koyama Shigeto and a viewer regaurding Ayingott
laughter_face @Joey__Jones Is the motif something like a sea pirate + eyeballs? Re: Ayingott.
Joey__Jones @laughter_face It's not really a sea pirate... Napoleon is more like it (・◡・)
laughter_face @Joey__Jones Ooh, I see. Since it looks so skeletal, I thought of pirates, but I guess the king of Hades has a similar look. Speaking of which, I'm really looking forward to the motif of the remaining King-type Cybody...
Joey__Jones @laughter_face I guess you could say it's [based on the idea of] a ruined emperor. As for the motif of the last one... I don't think you'll be able to guess what it'll be based on.... lol (・◡・)
Joey__Jones Only one person on my timeline figured out what Ayingott was based on! I'm pleased (・◡・)

Koyama Regarding Cybodies after the release of episode 16
Joey__Jones Since we've gotten past episode 16, I wonder if I should talk about the Cybodies again (・◡・) #sutadora
Joey__Jones I think I talked about the ones up through episode 9... right? #sutadora
Joey__Jones #10 is Zayinas. Shikama was in charge of it, right after Lamedohs. The second in the idiot trio series. With the Star Sword "Grenant" its whole body can become a blade. #sutadora
Joey__Jones #11 is Daletos. Kai was in charge of it. It's not very different from the base body, an incomplete Cybody. It's not that "Daletos" is incomplete, but rather it's because the Driver that apprivoised it was imperfect that the exterior went from ◯◯◯ to ◯◯, and it kept that luminous body even in Zero Time. #sutadora
Joey__Jones #12 is Betreada. Shikama was in charge of it. It's one of the King or Emperor types among the Warrior base bodies. With respect to the other three special machines I mentioned before, why is this one that's so normal looking on the outside considered a "king"? It's a play on the saying the "king of the jungle" {a lion}, but the real reason is... you'll understand if you watch to the end #sutadora
Joey__Jones #13 is Peijent. Kai was in charge. It has only appeared as the Sugata version before in episode 8, Benio's red machine. It has the Star Sword "Rubis." I mentioned it in Young Gangan, but the idea behind it is a young aristocrat cheering in the King's castle. #sutadora
Joey__Jones The Cybodies were designed based on characters in the same castle at a "ball." For some reason, it's still a secret though. #sutadora
Joey__Jones #14 is Ayingott. Kai was in charge. I talked about this one before too... lol, this one is another King or Emperor type among the Warrior base bodies. However, it's a fallen Emperor. Maybe you should think of it like Napoleon's zombie, lol. #sutadora
Joey__Jones The inspiration was... I'm sure my seniors [in the field] would understand right away, lol, but there was only one person on my timeline that got it. If I say it's a "ghost" from a "graveyard" does that make sense? #sutadora
Joey__Jones There was no new Cybody in episode 15.... so I'm skipping it! Is what I thought, but actually, you can see a certain one on screen (the story behind which is something between me and Director Igarashi) #sutadora
Joey__Jones And now, yesterday's episode 16. First, Memna. This is the first time we've seen a Maiden Cybody... isn't it. I don't really have much to say about it, lol.... a certain design was incorporated into it, but... since we're about to cross over 10 [Cybodies] and I think everyone will notice it, so I'm leaving it out! #sutadora
Joey__Jones OOPS! bad, Kai was in charge of Memna. #sutadora
Joey__Jones Then the Blue-burn, Reshbal. The mech from the 2nd OP and ED. It should be obvious from looking at it––it's meant to form a pair with Tauburn. In a sense, they're sibling machines. Why "sibling" machines... that's something you should be able to figure out if you watch to the end.... Probably (lol). Well, it's not really a question of who is Takuto's sibling though (lol). #sutadora
Joey__Jones Speaking of Reshbal, Even though it's such a special machine, why isn't it classed as a "king" or "emperor"? No matter how you look at it, it's definitely a "warrior" don't you think? #sutadora
Joey__Jones Anyone who went "wait, what?" at that will surely enjoy the second half w(・◡・) #sutadora
Joey__Jones OOPS!! I screwed up again...! The person in charge of Reshbal is Shikama! I'm sorry Shikama lol #sutadora
Joey__Jones As one of Enokido's 'children,' I've laid more than one or two traps (・◡・)フフフ

Koyama on Overphase Hegent
Joey__Jones #sutadora It’s kind of abrupt, but how about I talk about Hegent?
Joey__Jones Previously, I made a post about how Hegent was a 3-person design job, but, I guess it’s obvious if you saw the episode the other day, but the third designer was Mr. Itou!
Joey__Jones As for the Overphase System, that was one of the ideas Mr. Enokido had suggested during the initial development stages (like the kiss through the glass, high school wife, a high school shell diver and so on, lol)
Joey__Jones Naturally, it was really really early in preproduction… even before I suggested the basic concept for the Cybodies (that they’d all start from the same base body and take [individual] forms based on exterior elements added to that, and so on)
Joey__Jones By the way, he was all “Huge women are awesome, Koyama!” …lol

Speaking of which, Mr. Itou’s abilities were absolutely necessary for this phase in the concept stages… that is.


Anyway, as far as Overphase Hegent goes, the original concept (silhouette) was mine, then Mr. Itou, the director and I started bouncing ideas off each other, Mr. Itou did the model sheet rough, I made secondary detail and balance adjustments, and Mr. Itou did the finishing.


In this design, the boobs are covered by a “window” but you can see a bit of a curve peaking out underneath! ….was my first thought, but it’s a secret who was captivated by the erotic aspects of Mr. Itou’s lower-body design… {lol, these guys}

Joey__Jones Anyway, this is nearing the end of my posting about Cybodies… or is it?
Joey__Jones Samekh? What’s that? I’ve never heard of it… lol
Joey__Jones I don’t think I should talk about Cybodies anymore until after the last episode has aired… but I hope you enjoy it to the end
Joey__Jones By the way, personally, the next episode, episode 22, is my favorite episode. I guess I’m a sucker for this sort of thing….

Koyama and a viewer discuss Marks
laughter_face @Joey__Jones It’s really interesting how “mark transfer” has become the key, in the present and past, to the connection between Drivers and Cybodies. Up until now I’d thought they were just inherited or passed down one-way, so this is refreshing, lol.
Joey__Jones @laughter_face According to Mr. Enokido, the marks are sort of a metaphor. I couldn’t say what they’re a metaphor for specifically, but that’s what the transfer is. It’s one of the interesting points about Star Driver.
laughter_face @Joey__Jones Oh, I see. So there’s significance to Benio and the others not inheriting marks too. Could it be that if the Driver changes the Cybody’s appearance will change? (or is Pejent’s case special? it seems like it)
Joey__Jones @laughter_face The Driver would affect it. But, I don’t think I’ll be able to talk about this point until after the last episode has aired… lol, and about the marks too…
Joey__Jones Then, about the Piles it seems that “there aren’t many [Cybodies] with Piles, but the Piles themselves are many in number and form.”

Koyama regarding various cybodies following episode 20
Joey__Jones Anyway, it’s early in the morning, but I’m gonna talk about Cybodies (・◡・) #sutadora
Joey__Jones If you don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now! … lol #sutadora
Joey__Jones I’m pretty sure I talked about [the Cybodies] up through Reshbal in episode 15, skipping over Hegent lol, I’ll start from Qophlight. #sutadora
Joey__Jones Qophlight. Shikama was in charge of the design… ah, I’m grateful to the people compiling this stuff in the spoiler and speculation threads and what not {lol, he does read the 2ch thread}, even though I had Kai and Shikama do the cleanup and turn [the designs] into model sheets, the basic design, and rough poses are mine, just thought I’d mention it … lol (・◡・) #sutadora
Joey__Jones This arrangement where I just do the design was Mr. Igarashi’s [idea]. lol (・◡・;) #sutadora {I feel like I butchered this one but whatever}
Joey__Jones When Kai and I, and Shikama and I collaborate on a Cybody design, it kind of feels like group work. #sutadora
Joey__Jones I did all the work for Tau[burn] and the final Cybody myself. #sutadora
Joey__Jones Oh, right, I got distracted…. Qophlight. The whole thing is comprised mainly of straight lines, it’s a variable fighter that’s a mix of a stealth [plane] and a bee. If you look at the way we handled the “mask,” you might have caught on that it was designed at the same time as Reshbal… that’s the behind-the-scenes reason. #sutadora
Joey__Jones As far as the coloring goes, you might think it’s the same as the idiot trio’s [Cybodies], but if you look at them side-by-side the grey is a little different. #sutadora
Joey__Jones The hook{fishing hook and needle are the same word in Japanese} unfastener on Madoka’s Hegent ended up being a pair with the needle/hook (=Qophlight) because… Well, it’s kind of a joke, lol, but if you think about the associations of the words, you might [get something] interesting out of it about the characters (・◡・) #sutadora
Joey__Jones Next is Gimelock. It’s the last of the idiot trio’s machines, Shikama was in charge. It’s a machine that can transform and separate. The man piloting it is similarly crafty.#sutadora
Joey__Jones By the way, the person inside the person inside piloting (how convoluted) is Kimura Ryouhei who played Psy in Heroman. He’s a really nice guy but this time he had to play quite a jackass… {南無三 idk what this is exactly, probably a pun} lol! #sutadora
Joey__Jones So, Gimelock can split into two machines, but the part that is originally the head… the “piles” attached to the upper part are the real body. The “stage” (that’s how I think of it)… in other words, the cockpit, is in the top section. The bottom half is sort of an unmanned decoy. #sutadora
Joey__Jones Speaking of which, with this fake body, when they’re attached, you can just see the head peeking out from the back––did anyone catch that…. lol? #sutadora
Joey__Jones Also, when the machine separates its “glowing red” eyes split off too. The right one stays on with the decoy and the machine that splits off only has the left eye on, so the real machine only has the left eye glowing, I think you can see it in the scene where he goes after Wako #sutadora
Joey__Jones The idiot trio['s Cybodies] each have different numbers of eyes. These three machines are like three brothers. #sutadora
Joey__Jones Also, I’m almost done for today, but Reshbal’s original Driver was revealed today, right (・◡・)=3 #sutadora
Joey__Jones Speaking of which, I’ll finish with Reshbal #sutadora
Joey__Jones During episode 16, even though it’s such a special machine, why was it [described as] “a perfect example of a warrior”… I don’t know if anyone remembers them mentioning that, but if we were [to use the] castle [metaphor], this machine wouldn’t be “royalty.” In the end, all it has is the “head” of a knight “looking out” over the castle. #sutadora
Joey__Jones And it’s Tauburn’s “brother machine.” This is a [key] point. It’s not meant to identify them as Tauburn = Takuto and Reshbal = Reiji. #sutadora
Joey__Jones Then what of Takuto and Katashiro? That’s not it either. Let’s consider another possibility for Tauburn. #sutadora
Joey__Jones The “opposing” relationship Takuto and Sugata have with the previous generation was touched on in episode 20, but what path will they follow is as you’ve all seen. #sutadora {huh… sorry I’m getting a little lost, he’s being kind of vague}
Joey__Jones Essentially, it’s about the man who should have been piloting Tauburn and the man who should have been piloting Reshbal. It’s not how it is presently, but this “opposition” is what constitutes the “brother relationship” between Tau[burn] and Reshbal. #sutadora
Joey__Jones That’s the idea that went into it, as brother machines these machines form an opposing pair of “red” and “blue” #sutadora
Joey__Jones So, there are only 5 episodes left, what will become of the man “opposite” Takuto? And has the “blue” to oppose Tauburn’s red appeared yet? #sutadora
Joey__Jones Please watch to the end! m(・◡・)m #sutadora